"Ethics and Values"

Award ANCE received the "Ethics and Values" award from the CONCAMIN. The award was presented to Eduardo Gonzalez Martinez, President of the Council.

Even playing field

CNN interview with Rafael Nava, President of ANCE Standardization and certification heading to the Strategic Trans-Pacific Agreement of Economic Association (TPP)

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Antennas and Decoders

Antenna and decoder purchase guide. Compare different brands, products, prices, and make sure your products are certified.

Below is a Quality Assessment study by PROFECO on several brands conducted at ANCE’s testing laboratories. Bear in mind that purchasing a certified product ensures quality.

Fourth OVV / SGEn Forum Greenhouse gas emissions and power management system

During the fourth OVV / SGEn forum organized by ANCE, new provisions and tools regarding climatic change and power were announced for the homologation of environmental and power-related information through experience and information exchange among experts.


The role of Management Systems in energy and climate change Entrepreneurial Social Responsibility SR10
Learning Networks in Power Management Systems
National Program for Power Management Systems
Report for users with a high energy consumption pattern

ANCE’s Technological and Innovation Center (CTI-ANCE)

Growth and development in the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, have given rise to a number of opportunities for local companies.

This development also increased the need for full compliance with the technical regulations in force both in Mexico and the rest of the world.

Through the CTI, ANCE can provide its Certification, Standardization, and Management Systems services to Nuevo Leons industry, maximizing local companies’ competitiveness and productivity.

Besides serving the local market, ANCE’s Technological and Innovation

ANCE’s Technological and Innovation Center is Inaugurated

The services provided at the CTI include compliance assessments to guarantee that all products do comply with their intended functions.

This center was founded to strengthen a standardization and certification culture within one of the main fields.

Therefore, ANCE’s Technological and Innovation Center is a huge opportunity for Nuevo Leon’s industry.