ANCE has the experience and technical capacity to manage projects and help you introduce your products into more markets even faster. We test and certify IT equipment, including PCs, network devices, accessories, telecommunications equipment, or mobile devices and applications.

ANCE is certified to conduct comparison tests based on a wide variety of compliance and operation criteria by wireless service providers, the industry, and the government, giving our clients the chance to commercialize their products in global markets.

Our services include:

• Electrical Safety Tests (NOM-001-SCFI, NOM-016-SCFI, and NOM-019-SCFI)
• Telecommunications Tests for Spread Spectrum Equipment (NOM-EM-016-SCFI-2015 and Technical Provision IFT-008-2015)
• Telecommunications Tests for Terminal Equipment (NOM-EM-015-SCFI-2015 and Technical Provision IFT004-2015)
• IT and Telecommunications Equipment Tests as per FCC (CFR 47, Part 15 and 18)
• IT and Telecommunications Equipment EMC Tests as per IEC (CISPR 22, CISPR 24)
• Pre-Certification Tests

We offer a wide range of testing and certification services for the following:

• IT equipment
• Personal computers, mobile phones, tablets, access points (domestic, commercial, and industrial), modems, wire and wireless phones, wireless speakers, analog commutators, and accessories like wireless hands-free kits, wireless wrist watches, and other.
• Telecommunications equipment (comprehensive testing, certification, and IFT validation procedure packages, including technical specifications from a certified expert)



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